Why choose 365 Childcare?

365 Childcare has staff that has been in the profession for nearly 13 years. Our staff gives young children limitless opportunities to learn through imagination, play and creativity. We offer parents the peace of mind by ensuring that their children are better cared in a homely environment where they can learn, enjoy and flourish themselves.


There are many reasons our parents trust us:

  • We have a warm, friendly and happy homely environment, where each child is encouraged to reach their full potential through praise, sensitivity and mutual respect.

  • Our setting is designed to meet the needs of children aged 0-16.

  • We are committed to upgrading our staff’s knowledge and keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments in childcare by giving them training and support regularly.

  • We work in close partnership with parents and carers to ensure every child is given the best opportunity to develop by providing tailored learning programs for all ages.

  • We give all our children healthy, balanced meals and are passionate about physical exercise.

  • Our fees include your child’s nappies, formula milk and healthy, balanced and nutritious meals (when they’re ready to move on to solid foods).


Our values:

Everything we do for our children, parents and staff is commitment to our ethical and moral values:

  • Respect: Treating everyone with patience, consideration and courtesy.

  • Passion: Being enthusiastic and celebrating achievements.

  • Commitment: Dedication for achieving excellence in everything we do.