Supporting you

At 365 Childminding we understand how difficult it is to be separated from your child. That’s the reason we do everything we can to support parents and ensure they feel that our setting is as homely as possible.


In partnership with you (Parents/Carers)

Our aim is to work in close partnership with you so we can reward your approach to us for your child's care, especially when they are learning skills like potty training, reading and writing. We know that the closer we work in partnership with you, the more rewarding your child’s time at 365 Childminding will be.


Listening and sharing

Our doors are always open for an informal pop-in. We’ll invite you for our regular parent's meeting to share information about your child’s progress and to share their developments.


Finding out about their day

You need to feel comfortable about exchanging information and discussing things that will benefit your child. If you have younger children you will be given a daily diary, containing a brief summary of what your child has eaten, how long they have slept for and any other key information of your child’s day that we think is important for you to know. With this you won’t miss out on anything important during their development and will be able to encourage further progress. Regular opportunities for formal and informal discussions about your child and their progress are available.


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