Fee payment

All childcare fees are payable 2 week in advance and this will be retained as a deposit and will be refunded on termination of the contract/adjusted for the running week's fees.


Childcare vouchers

You can use childcare vouchers to pay towards your fees. We accept childcare vouchers from nearly all recognized voucher providers if paid electronically. Please ask your employer about which childcare voucher scheme they use. 


Free Entitlement Funding

365 Childminding is registered to offer Free Entitlement Funding (FEF) previously known as the Nursery Education Grant. We submit a headcount of all eligible children to the Local Authorities.

The free entitlement is term time only (38 weeks) but 365 Childminding, in accordance with Government guidelines, spread the entitlement over 52 weeks and a deduction is made to the fees every month. The maximum number of hours parents can claim is 15 hours per week for 38 weeks.

When you claim FEF in your first term, please complete the Parent Declaration Form and return it to the Setting Manager.


What is FEF?

FEF stands for Free Entitlement Funding and is a government scheme which allows 365 Childminding to offer up to 15 hours of free childcare each week during school term time.

When does a child become eligible for FEF?

Children are eligible for FEF from the first term after the date they turn three years old to the last term before they attend school.

  • Children born between 1 January — 31 March become eligible in summer term (May — Aug).

  • Children born between 1 April — 31 August become eligible in Autumn Term (Sept — Dec).

  • Children born between 1 September — 31 December become eligible in Spring Term (Jan — Apr).


How is FEF claimed?

FEF can be claimed via 365 Childminding by parents or guardians by signing a declaration at the beginning of each term. Some Local Education Authorities request an additional form to be completed. These declarations confirm the child's details and the number of hours of FEF being claimed.

For each term claim, a child must be in attendance at the nursery on or before the term Headcount Date advised by the Local Education Authority. The Headcount Date is a specific date usually towards the beginning of each term. Details of these dates are available on the Local Education Authority website.

If a child starts at the nursery after the Headcount Date, 365 Childminding will submit a late claim to the Local Education Authority but cannot provide free childcare until approved.

If a child leaves 365 Childminding during a term then the FEF claimed through 365 Childminding will be adjusted to reflect the actual hours attended at the 365 Childminding.

How is FEF reflected in invoices and payments?

In line with the government Code of Practice, 365 Childminding administer the FEF “free at point of delivery.” This means that the FEF hours are deducted from parent's invoices and parents are never charged for those FEF hours.

Where can I find out more on FEF?

The ‘Information for Parents’ web pages from the government provide further background information and links to regional Local Education Authorities.